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On these pages we will be providing information aimed directly at those planning a visit to Tobago. We feel visitors can have a positive effect on the host community and not just in economic terms. The exchange of ideas and the sharing of culture can and should be two way. Eco-tourism has long been a buzz word -- you will see it all over Tobago tourist brochures. It is debatable whether Tobago is living up to its hype as an eco-tourism destination. But all of tourism is ”greening” these days. More and more travelers, even those who come to Tobago to golf or just rest in the sun, are showing a concern for the environment. Often the visitor is more aware of the importance of conservation than is the host. Environment TOBAGO promotes sustainable tourism development -- on these pages we help the visitor to help Tobago.

 Environmental Code of Conduct
How to be part of the solution. Some things the travel brochures don't tell you.

 Tourism, Culture and the Environment
Ecotourists may have to decide...

 Tour Guides
Anyone can call him/herself a tour guide. Here's a list of truly knowledgeable and environmentally sensitive guides.

Environment-friendly. Far from complete, but its a start.

 Who Ya' Gonna Call?
A list of people to write or call if you encounter activities damaging to Tobago's environment. Your concern will make a difference.

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