The Tobago Wildlife Breeders Association
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The Tobago Wildlife Breeders Association

Members of theTobago Wildlife Breeders Association keep and breed mammals, birds and reptiles, mostly native to Tobago. They believe Tobago’s wildlife needs to be protected and one of their goals is to breed enough animals to be able to begin releasing them back into the forests.

They hold an annual Wildlife Show where visitors and Tobagonians can get up close to agoutis (including albinos), caiman, macaws, deer, snakes, lappe, tattoo (armadillo), wild hogs, monkeys, sally painters (a type of lizard) and more.

Caiman Albino Agoutis

At a recent show visitors were enthralled. Some of the children had never seen many of the animals before. When one breeder, nicknamed "Pog", took out a huge snake for a picture everyone backed away. Most people do NOT like snakes. They are, however, an important predator in our forests, keeping the rat population in check.
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