Tobago's rainforest animals are dissapearing fast 
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Tobago's rainforest animals are dissapearing fast 

The agouti, the tattoo (armadillo) and the iguana, these are Tobago’s bushmeat species and they are disappearing fast. Hunting continues apace despite widespread knowledge that numbers are desparately low. Maybe they are too low for a viable population to continue!

Environment Tobago and many other organizations (even hunters) have been saying for years that something needs to be done and quickly.

ET’s suggestion to this problem is simple:

· A baseline survey needs doing to show scientifically that populations are too low for hunting to continue in its present state. Those in power listen to science.

· A moratorium of at least 2-3 years needs implementing to restore numbers to a sustainable level.

· Current laws need tightening and enforcing.

· More forest wardens need employing.

Putting this into practice is a different matter. If a survey were done of the bushmeat species this should prompt some action, as mentioned earlier, those in power would listen to a proper scientific study.

ET are calling on the scientific community to help us out, this could be a perfect opportunity if you are a masters student to do some research that could have a real positive effect on Tobago’s environment.

If you are interested contact us on the coconut telegraph.

For more information on rainforest animals in Tobago see the relevant section on the website.
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