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Tobago Turtle Tidbits

Tobago's 2006 turtle nesting season has had an early start with a few leatherbacks already recorded on Great Courland Bay. Unfortunately for some of these unseasonably early ladies, some poachers also got an early start with at least one leatherback killed just before christmas. Turtle conservation group, SOS TOBAGO, would like to remind the public that although we are currently in the 'open season' until March 1st, it is always illegal to kill female turtles and that nesting turtles and their eggs are always protected by both the Conservation of Wildlife Act and the Turtle and Turtle Eggs Act (Fisheries).

As we gear up for a busy year, SOS would lie to extend thanks and congratulations to all those individuals and organisations that have continued to support turtle conservation and real eco-tourism in Tobago. We encourage persons interested in becoming more involved with turtles to give us a call at 762-5542 or to visit Environment TObago's offices to view our 2005 activity report. Some of the highlights of the 2005 season were the rare nesting of a green turtle on Grafton beach which was actually tagged as a juvenile in the Bahamas then years ago.

Also the controversial filming of the MTV series, The Guantlet, which captured wide media attention and has received less than entusiastic reviews now that it is on the air; despite some of the optimistic claims of the time. Interestingly, a total of 18 turtle nests were recorded for the particular area of Turtle beach before, during and after filming, however none of the nests ever hatched.
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