Opening Prayer
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Opening Prayer

by Kamau Akili

Almighty God, Creator of All Things, living and non-living:

We know that the earth is precious to you
And we are aware that some of our activities
Are destroying your handiwork.

Grant us the knowledge to recognise fully
The damage that is being done to our environment
And the wisdom to find solutions to prevent or reduce the great harm
That we are doing to our Mother Earth.

Please give us the strength and the courage to persevere
In our efforts to save our island, Tobago
And by extension, our planet Earth.

Help us to function as guardians of this Jewel of the Universe
Because we know that its destruction also heralds our own doom.

It is our hope and prayer that we can pass on to future generations
A better environment than the one we presently enjoy.


Written for and read at our first Annual General Meeting, June 1996 at the Fairfield Hall ,Scarborough
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