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Environment Tobago has been awarded $8000 TT from the tidy T&T campaign fund to clear rubbish dumped at Kilgwyn wetlands.

Fridges, stoves, car batteries and household rubbish are choking this vital habitat and it is ET’s intention to start a programme of clearance in conjunction with the health department. At the same time we will be campaigning for better recycling facilities and improved waste management.

Volunteers are needed to help with this project so anybody who reads this and is in Tobago on 17th/18th November or 1st/2nd December come along to Kilgwn to help out. Watch this space or read our weekly column in the Tobago news for more information soon. - October 2002

Volunteer and intern oppurtunities at Environment Tobago:

Are you studying an environmental topic, trained in animal surveys or just looking to get experience in conservation? Environment Tobago could be for you.

We have a wealth of knowledge and a well stocked library on local and worldwide conservation issues. There are many varied and interesting projects ranging from animal surveys and turtle conservation tasks to educational awareness programmes. The choice is yours.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us on the Coconut Telegraph for more information.
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