WaterNet Phase II
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WaterNet Phase II

      Phase II of the Tobago Community Water Watch Network</A>] has been completed. Students from four secondary schools searched for the sources of the sewage pollution they found in Phase I. They tested the quality of the water in the storm drains of three coastal villages, an area where yachts moor and the area around a waste treatment plant in a housing project. Results from the yacht survey were inconclusive, but gross levels of sewage pollution were found in the storm drains and street gutters of the villages tested and the treatment plant was found to be providing virtually no treatment at all. By studying the terrestrial flow of surface water, the young researchers have shown that the contamination of the beaches was coming from small pig farms and non-functioning residential septic systems as well as the treatment plant. The final report of the project will be made public soon. If you would like a copy contact us on the Coconut Telegraph. (07/30/99)
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